R/C World Closing Documents 

An owner may not request this information.
Forward the information below or direct your Lender or Title Company to HomeWiseDocs.

Closing documents are available through HomeWiseDocs.com.
The management company does NOT complete closing documents in house.

HMI has partnered with HomeWiseDocs.com to provide 24/7 document and data delivery services for community associations. HomeWiseDocs.com provides reliable, around-the-clock online access to all governing documents and closing data for lenders, escrow and title companies, and real estate agents for HMI communities. HMI does NOT complete closing documents in house.

HomeWiseDocs.com simplifies the process of obtaining the association information that you require for your closing.

  • Estoppels, Questionnaires, and Document packages are available online at HomeWiseDocs.com.
  • Lender specific questionnaires are available, additional fees apply.
  • Demand/Statement of Account may be requested at the time of Estoppel order.
  • Share your order with up to four email addresses.
  • Multiple payment methods offered.
  • Hard copy delivery options available.
  • Email and SMS text completion notices for users.
  • Rush orders are available at the time of Estoppel order.
  • Track your orders online with order confirmation number.

Their professional staff is available for any questions or assistance or use the online chat.

Sign Up is quick and easy and you can begin using the system immediately. To order, simply click this link to get started.

Note: HMI does not complete any third party certifications, warranty, or questionnaire forms. Visit HomeWiseDocs.com.